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Getting found all changed in 2014 but nobody told you

Posted on January 8, 2018

So what happened in 2014?

Direct connection. Your business could be found without having to go via a website.

Before 2014, we had to fight for visibility on the web by learning the dark arts of SEO. This, because our visible face was a website and everyone else has one too. We can't all be in the top ten out of 100,000's.

From about 2014, small devices took over from desktops as the most used search device. The importance of this is in the nature of the device and its presence in geography of the real world. Location data.

This brought about many changes to the structure of the search algorithm, the most useful of which was gained from the gps data. Many advantages are still being discovered, especially with regard to what information is served to the user and how.

.....appear on page one.

Now under the label 'Google My Business', all the important business information is collated and controlled by the business owner and is the source from which many kinds of searches results are delivered.

If you have signed up to Google My Business (it's FREE), you no longer have to compete with hundreds of thousands of other similar businesses to appear on page one. In your area, you are probably unlikely to have more than two or three competitors.

Grab their attention and get that Click Through

Images interest people. Interactive imagery such as virtual tours capitalise on this interest and goes further by exciting the natural curiosity of visiting inside someone elses business. Google stats show that users are twice as likely to 'click-through' if a business has a virtual tour. See the view statistics of my client's tours, reported directly from Google.

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