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How we got it back to front

Posted on January 2, 2017

Throw off the shackles and emerge ahead

Since the internet became a public tool, the aim has been to establish a website then to ensure that it can be found. Why? Because we wanted new customers to find our BUSINESS and learn how it can satisfy their desires. Exactly the same as traditional advertising.

With the goal as the website, how many of us struggle to find enough pages to make the site interesting? How difficult is it to keep updating that information to maintain ranking points for being 'current'? How much time and/or money is spent on regular tweaking to stay up the league tables of page rank? It's all so unnecessary because we are chasing the wrong goal.

The real goal is to get our BUSINESS found, not a website. Like using a directory instead of a lucky dip barrel.

What has changed.

  1. Google became the biggest search engine in the world.
  2. Google Maps is populated with location data.
  3. Mobile devices have taken over as the most used devices for searches.
  4. Searches take location data into account.
  5. Searches now return Quality Imagery as well as Relevant Webpages.

The reach is vast (global), the longevity is interminable and the cost is microscopic compared to traditonal advertising or website optimisation.

Re-train your sights onto the real target - Your Business. Claim or create your business page in Google Maps, complete all the fields accurately; location, contact details, opening hours, upload quality images. All of which is without cost and will ensure that you BUSINESS is found. If you then want to link to your wesbite to explain processes or ranges of stock, you can. Like showing a brochure.

For a perfect result, show access to your premises with a mini Virtual Tour to fully engage those new customers (twice as many click-throughs).

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