It's Not What You Think

First Perceptions

Posted on November 3, 2016

As soon as the words left my lips, I knew I would have to explain.

If someone tells you they are going 'on a cruise', your instant perception is luxury, relaxation, fun etc. If someone tells you they've been 'invited out', the likely instant perception is that they have been invited out to a posh restaurant or a show. These instant perceptions are an important feature in survival I am sure, but can get in the way of the truth. The cruise could be crawling through town in a car trying to spot a missing person and the invitation 'out' could have been issued be by an angry adversary.

In my business, I often have to explain that a 'Virtual Tour' is not necessarily a pleasure trip through a centre of leisure and beauty. Though it can be. Or even a display of exceptional ranges of goods. More often, it is literally a few steps through the front door of the business to the reception desk or sales counter. The trouble is, I don't know what else to call it. However small, it performs the task of getting your business in front of people. It is part of the drive towards mobile device compatibility.

Since the middle of summer 2016 when Google made ALL search queries return 'Most Relevant Imagery' as well as 'Most Relevant Web-Pages', the quickest way to get your business found is to have high quality imagery published to your Google Page. It is then after all, in the Google directory.

Just as web-pages are fine tuned with SEO, Imagery is ranked by quality. A virtual tour published to your page by a certified Google Trusted Photographer is probably has the fastest ROI of any marketing spend. Check the list here and scroll down to FIND A TRUSTED PRO IN YOUR AREA then filter e.g. UK > Lancashire

A Google Page - Virtual Tour done by one of these pros is both High Quality and interactive giving a very high rank factor.

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