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Posted on January 6, 2016

Google is highly complex so that your business doesn't need to be. Searches are now made from a great variety of devices and often reflect the user's profile, habits, history, likes and dislikes, and of course location. To battle through all of this or indeed take advantage of it, is the skill of SEO experts. But what if there was another, simpler way, that was based only on your geographical presence.

A major part of the Google infrastructure is Google Maps. Most importantly, Google Street View. If you thought it was just a quirky way to have a look around without actually being there, think again. Google Street View links not only geographical routes and areas but also Properties. Yes, including your business property (location).

a typical view of maps showing the street view connections

The blue lines show street view routes

Plug In - Turn On

You can now connect your business directly to Street View by having a virtual tour of your business interior shot and published to your Google Page by a Google Street View Trusted Photographer.

Google report that from a survey in the US, the click through rate was doubled where business entries had a Google Virtual Tour, from 24% to 48%

People are naturally curious and once engaged in seeing the inside of your business, will find it easier to make the visit. Your Google Page virtual tour is the plug that will get you connected into Google Maps Street View at your location.

Once the virtual tour is published to your Google Page, you will be able to embed the tour into your own website too, simply by grabbing the code free of charge. Full instructions given by your Google Street View Trusted Photographer.

You will already have made sure that the first thing visitors get is a good impression as they enter. You can share that welcome 24/7 with a simple link on any of the social media platforms, as often as you like, free of charge. You can draw attention to a particular range of goods. You can promote your facilities. You can engage.

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