Case Example of using a Google Virtual Tour to Enhance Listings

The National Federation of Fish Fryers

Posted on November 20, 2015

Previously, when people searched for them, they saw a street corner with temporary road signs outside from renovation work. Now people see a much more attractive ‘knowledge graph’ panel on the right of organic search results with the information from their Google Page. It gives all relevant information for contact and includes an image of the inside that can be clicked – to ‘see inside’.

If searched for ‘on the go’ (mobile), or in Google Maps, the results are presented in Google Maps with the information from their Google Page. This time, with an attractive blue panel on the left of the map with an image of the inside (the reception) which can be clicked to enter – virtually! This image replaced the ugly street view image from the Street View car.

a comparison of 'before and after tour' maps results images

These advantages work for any business, large or small.

We now live in a world where everyone looks at their ‘phone before deciding where to buy. It is more important than ever that all businesses keep up with the way the public shop. Searches like ‘coffee nearby’ or 'nearest cinema’ are common place. As is ‘nearest takeaway’ or ‘fish and chips near me’.

This kind of presence also helps to build consumer trust in your business with a high–quality, third–party–produced virtual tour that lets people experience your location before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective customers, both locally and those passing through.

Google report that from a survey in the US, the click through rate was doubled where business entries had a Google Virtual Tour, from 24% to 48%

While access to the Google Page itself is now an only internal interface for the manger of the page rather than the public, it is no less important to keep the details up-to-date because those details populate the various search results

Keep the your details up-to-date by visiting the Google My Business tab from your Profile

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