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How to beat the rest by stealth

Posted on January 31, 2020

Why users see different results

If half a dozen users in the same location were all looking for somewhere to relax, maybe with a coffee or drink they would probably get 6 different orders of results from Google depending on so many factors. Their hardware, settings, the words they typed in search, whether they have location turned on and their individual profile as detected by Google.

Google aim to give the most information, in the shortest time and in the most usable form. Useable meaning both informative and likely to initiate a further action by the user. Whether that be to look for more information, navigate to or buy from one of the search results.

It's not magic

There is no magic in getting your business to appear in the results and websites have very little to do with the process, unless of course, your sole desire is to get visitors to your website rather than contact your business directly.

All you have to do is make sure that your business has a place claimed in Google Maps, that your business information is complete and that you include images. The secret (not magic) is in the images you use. It is fine to snap away at views of the business areas, product ranges, customer facilities and so on but the key to making the difference is in adding virtual reality by virtue of photo-spheres (used in virtual tours). The reason is that every sphere if constructed professionally has embedded within, geo-specific data which ramps up the attraction in Google Maps. This is what helps Google to choose which three businesses feature in the so called Knowledge Graph in the Upper Right of organic search results or in the Left Hand Panel in Google Maps.

The advice is simple - give them what they want.

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